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I tend to rely most heavily on your rational thinking skills to come to conclusions. I prefer to use facts to justify an action instead of persuasive acumen. I am more comfortable stepping back from the situation at hand and analyzing it without letting my own personal perspective influence your decisions. I am without equal when it comes to making objective analyses. I have an excellent ability to evaluate the logical effects of different strategic moves and then choose an approach decisively and calmly. 

I like to analyze objects using my highly developed independent thinking skills to create new knowledge or use existing knowledge.  I am technically proficient and oriented towards science. I have strong academic skills and are seen by others as scholarly and often introverted. I rely on my intellectual and critical thinking skills to perform my work. I am more naturally reserved and introspective in my approach to solving problems and use my curiosity to drive original and complex developments. I prefer occupations that are knowledge-based and value innovative thinking and abstract mental challenges. I like to collect and organize data that is used to solve intellectually stimulating problems. 

I value a job or internship in an organization that serves others through knowledge. I need leaders who appreciate my desire to help others become more rational. My interests gravitate toward areas that are tangible and scientific. I seek practical accomplishments and appreciate rules. I am frank, self-reliant, productive and concrete in my thinking style and am a strong individual. 

The Collaborator


  • Patient with complicated people issues
  • I am drawn to recruiting, training, mediating, advancing, teaching, and counseling.
  • I am excellent in finding quality employees for the right positions and helping them develop over the course of their careers.
  • I am naturally good at influencing the maturation of others.
  • I am highly skilled in diplomacy as well as educating and advising.



  • Action, leading from the front, and ease in working without support.
  • Sound moral and ethical principles, good moral character and honesty.
  • Production of visible results, contribution can be measured by prosperity, performance-oriented.
  • Transcending traditional ideas, seeks originality, imagination and creating new ideas that involve style, beauty, and symmetry.
  • Safety and protection, established procedures, historically strong performance, stability and low risk endeavors.
  • Fun, pleasure, contentment and joy and promotes roles that allow feeling good about oneself.
  • Wealth creation, profit, prosperity and tangible/material achievement.
  • Status symbols, titles, benefits and perks, wants to be the "best" and a "leader" in their space and needs to be regarded as important.

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